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Special Vehicles

Rent of cars in Paris for holidays

Rent of cars in Paris and France for holidays remains one of the most populair service favourite by us. In such especial instants it would be desirable, that each detail was not faultless and will not spoile the important event. VIP class cars: the Limousine, a Ferrari or Hammer will approach in the best possible way.

Ordering a holiday car is not the last seat in organizational process. Considering the big level of offers, it is complex to make a proper choice. In this situation is strongly advised to address to the professional in the given area.

We are not simply offering luxurious cars under the reasonable prices, we also can give you efficient advice, leaning on the wide experience.

Today you have a wonderful possibility to choose cars in a premiume class for weddings, receptions of the high-ranking persons, holidays of the highest level, secular actions.

Our gold fund is presented by following marks: Limousine Porsche, Limousine Hummer, Ferrari, Lamborgini, Maserati, Bentley.

In consciousness of many people the opinion was fixed, that limousines personify elegance and luxury. This luxurious car, in length is seven meters, is capable to bring a highlight of refinement and a glamour in any holiday or action. Limousines porsh and Hammer, will not leave indifferent any customer and the participant of light event. With their help of impression of wedding become much brighter, and will be remembered for the rest of your life. For this reason, limousines, as a rule, order on weddings. Did not become exception and secular receptions where the car is the card of the visitor.

Excellent choice for the organization of holidays become Lamborgini, Mazerati, Bentley. These refined cars will make furor on a holiday and will not leave you not noticed. Such choice will tell much about your high status and faultless image.

Physical appearance of skilled drivers entirely conforms to the status of the car and an occasion of a holiday. Good breeding and elegance will add the general image of a holiday.

Magnificent salons of cars will pleasantly surprise with the magnificence and dearness. The most inveterate judges of a glamour and shine can estimate on dignity faultlessness cars.

Some actions happen once in a life. It is not necessary to save on such important points, as a choice of the car by a holiday. Concern to this task with the full responsibility, and we, in turn, with pleasure to you shall help to make a true choice.

Cars from the company Markiz will make any holiday, especially magnificent and remembered!

Special transport

Grimvagens are cars of a high class, which adapted needs of the film-industry at shootings clips, advertising, concerts, etc. This type of technics has been developed in views of advice and wishes of professionals in cinema and show of business.

We one of few companies who can offer you make-up rooms, actor's,Wardrobe room and a high level of comfort. The specified technics for shootings is equipped by the advanced technologies for work and rest. The advanced technologies of heating, water supply, ventilation and a climate control do grimvagens and irreplaceable set.

Long shootings in the severe conditions, the intense rehearsals and constant stresses, for a long time became normal for a professional life of actors. After the intense shootings several episodes and weight of the lost nervous cells, modern stars do not agree is reconciled with technics of " the last century ». They require grimvagen which are equipped according to the advanced technologies. Only in such make up and wardrobe is a complex, as they said, the actor can relax, drink completely a cup of hot coffee and lie down on cosy bed.

Mobile make-up rooms and wardrobes complexes cover with prompt paces the out-of-date technics which weights the media. High standards and conclusive comfort grimvagen define in the lead position in the market of motor-vehicles for the film-industry.

The advanced technics serves not only excellent vacation spot of exclusive stars, but also shows scale and professionalism of organizers of action.

As has shown experience, today it is complex enough to find a "good" grimvagen. not so many companies, capable to provide the qualitative motor-vehicles equipped under modern standards. And if you also have the luck to find such organization, transport for teleshootings and salons then it needs to be ordered for a year forward.

Marikz is a unique company which can provide all clients with necessary technics in time. Mobile actor's and make up and dressing rooms complexes are completed by all necessary blessings, in view of the highest requirements, will please actors on a set and will assist increase of image of the created project.

Grimvagen – a worthy choice of professionals in area of weights of media and the film-industries.